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Sat Mar 23,2019 02:22 PM

I’ve started my second FOA and I was wondering if anyone knows if we HAVE to focus on one text and analyse it, or if we can choose a general topic and choose multiple examples
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Mon Mar 25,2019 03:20 PM

Well, for my FOA, I just have one general topic and I examined two texts. I wanted to study Macron's political speeches, so I have two speeches: one about the yellow jackets and the other about the UN. Hope this helps :)
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Tue Mar 26,2019 04:14 PM

You need to have a focus on some kind of text on your FOA otherwise you want be able to score higher than a 4. On one of my FOAs I talked about what is lost in poetry when it gets translated, so I took an english poem and translated in my language, albanian, and took an albanian poem and translated that into english. And basically that was my text focus
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Tue Apr 2,2019 12:46 AM

You for sure need to have a specific focus. You can analyze more than one text, but that’s the really important part of the FOA.

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