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Fri Mar 22,2019 03:56 PM

Hi! I was just wondering if it’s necessary to write a reflection for CAS or can we just upload pictures and videos of what we did?
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Sat Mar 23,2019 08:46 AM

Idk if it’s the same for everyone but at my school we do have to write reflections apart from uploading photos and saying which objectives we wanted to achieve + the number of hours spent
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Sun Mar 24,2019 12:05 PM

same, they require us to write reflections after each CAS experience/ project you’re doing along with pictures/ videos for proof. You kinda have to like talk about the learning outcomes, briefly explain what you did and relate it to the IB learner profile throughout
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Tue Mar 26,2019 04:15 PM

Photos would be fine as long as there’s some text on them showing ur work, improvements and generally meeting your learning outcomes
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Fri Apr 5,2019 05:28 AM

At my school most of us have a short audio recording of us talking about what we learned instead of writing (keeping in mind the learning outcome we aim to satisfy)

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