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Sun Mar 10,2019 02:23 PM

So I have this question. Does the applicant’s nationality affect his chances being accepted into a top tier uni? Me, I am Tajik (from Tajikistan) and I think very few students, if any, from there apply to top colleges. Does that mean I’ll have a little bit of advantage over other applicants since universities want diversity? My stats are ok, ECs aren’t good enough but I’ll focus a lot on them this summer, essays will be good too hopefully. But I just think I need something that will make me stand out so that admission officers will consider giving me a spot, so I was thinking if my nationality will make me stand out? Thanks

P.S. I am a junior.
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Wed Mar 13,2019 09:17 PM

From what I’ve heard Ivy League universities in the UK and the USA prefer to accept locals more (unofficially of course) and even if you were a local they still prefer candidates from known/rich families. With that being said if u still want to apply, u should, u never know what might happen

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