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Sun Mar 10,2019 02:15 PM

Hi guys, I’m back, this time I just need help refining some of the points for my macbeth IOP. My focus is on the dramatic use of the hallucinations, specifically how they create tension in the audience for entertainment. I’m including the dagger scene, Banquo a ghost and lady Macbeth’s bloody hands. But i feel like it’s too repetitive because I seem to keep saying the same thing and am not really mentioning the specific techniques/conventions used within each quote (besides the dagger being a metaphor). Is the manifestation of guilt a technique that I’m not seeing? I really just need help finding these dramatic conventions. Xx
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Tue Mar 12,2019 09:29 PM

You could maybe focus on more specific metaphors, for example the ‘full of scorpians is my mind’ line

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