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Wed Mar 6,2019 06:08 AM

Hi everyone, I’m doing my IOP next term, specifically on macbeth and the use of the hallucinations. But I have no idea how to engage the audience (besides not saying it monotonously). My teacher suggested asking the audience questions but I did that last year and it just seems awkward. We’ve also been advised to not dress up and my IOP structure is very much like an essay so I am struggling here.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Wed Mar 6,2019 12:57 PM

what one girl in my class did was research psychology experiments and get the class to participate before presenting her topic. if you could find one for hallucinations that works that could be super cool, basically any activity where after you could say “how did that make you feel,” and use that to introduce your topic
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Wed Mar 6,2019 09:44 PM

What I and a few other people in my class did is have a question period towards the end, and they gave a few of their friends in the class questions to ask beforehand! It generated some discussion and worked pretty well!
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Tue Mar 12,2019 09:57 PM

Maybe you could analyse specific scenes , like the Banquo ghost scene, and read it with the students. Like you could read for Macbeth and other people for Lady Macbeth, Lennox, Ross (I forgot who’s in that scene). If you’re into theatre, you could incorporate your acting skills in it as well. I hope this helps!
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Thu Mar 28,2019 01:38 PM

give the audience hallucinogens
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Wed Apr 3,2019 11:17 AM

@Lychee6 yes perfect

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