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Tue Mar 5,2019 06:20 PM

I was wondering, is it better do to the presentation alone or in a group?
Because I’m about to start planning for my presentation but I’m scared that I will do better if I had a partner than if I did it alone
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Tue Mar 5,2019 06:44 PM

I’d rather do it alone but maybe getting together with a partner helps both of you give each other ideas
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Tue Mar 5,2019 10:10 PM

Find a partner who is your soulmate, you know what I mean?
I actually wanted to do my presentation alone but then a person who I wasn’t really close to asked me to work with them. I said fine, but then realized that fortunately we had so much in common.
We finished each other’s sentences while writing the ‘speech’; we are both night workers; we both strive for the same goal.
It depends upon you though. Luckily I wound up in a group.
As for trios, I would slightly advise against.
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Sun May 5,2019 01:13 PM

Thank you @luciapavia and @murka243

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