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Wed Feb 27,2019 05:27 PM

Hey guys, I’m starting my literary essay/written assignment project for English Lit A HL

My topic question is “To what extent does the art in Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel “Persepolis” convey and amplify elements of theme in the text?”

Could anyone who’s done lit essay help me out or give me some pointers? I’d appreciate it
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Thu Feb 28,2019 02:45 PM

I would suggest that you follow @ibo.langlit in instagram because they’ve posted slides of analysis for persepolis but also the person who has the account will respond to any question you have and can give you tips
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Fri Mar 1,2019 04:30 AM

Don’t know if you are in Visual Arts? But if you are, you can tie in formal qualities, purpose and function (if you aren’t in art, you can totally look those up). It’s a great way to add to your vocabulary in the essay if you are talking about the symbolism behind her artwork throughout the book.
Also look into her personal history? Her background in art can say a lot about why she draws the way she does, how it connects to the story and her personal experiences.
Hope that gives some ideas??? Just a good way to tie in other classes :D

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