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Tue Feb 26,2019 02:23 AM

Hey guys!
I’ve just finished another project for my HL Visual Arts class and now I’m a little stuck as to what my next project should be based around.

I’m mostly focusing on my sketchbook pages now so I won’t have to worry about them next year, leaving me to focus on my exhibition pieces.

I need another medium, art form or art period to study and inspire my next piece.

I’ve already looked at:
-acrylic paint
-mixed media (photo collage)

Any ideas art movements, mediums or art forms that might be interesting I haven’t really thought of? Thank you so much
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Thu Mar 7,2019 03:55 AM

You can do surrealism, but it depends on your topic, you have to get inspired from your focus. One that is easy if you know is computer drawing (if not it’s easy to learn) or you can do a graphite drawing.
I would not recommend doing any sort of sculpture unless it’s simple and it’s in the average size of your pieces....
Any doubts?
Hope it helps...

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