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Sun Feb 24,2019 07:02 PM

I currently take Math Sl, Chem Sl, Mandarin Sl, Visual Art HL, English A HL, and History of the America’s HL. Anyways I just need some advice on how to manage my time with everything. My grades are kinda low and I’m struggling to stay motivated and focused on it. I am also really really struggling with Chemistry specifically. And specific tips would be very helpful. Thank you.
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Mon Feb 25,2019 04:09 PM

A couple of things that you can do that may help is scheduling your day and organizing your tasks to do in order of difficulty. By scheduling your day, you'll know what amount of time you should be spending on your work. This way, you'll also be able to organize reasonable chunks of time so that you can have fun or relax. By organizing your tasks to do from most to least difficult, you should be able to find the motivation to keep on doing all of your tasks until you're done. Once you know that you conquered the most difficult one, you'll be able to feel like everything is easy when in comparison to that one. I hope this was somewhat useful for you!
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Tue Feb 26,2019 02:31 AM

This is gonna sound super “basic”, but something that has really helped me is a bullet journal.
It makes it really easy to organize all of your homework and it’s all in one place.
It is also a good escape from homework. If you need to create another week or some other page, it’s a relaxing break from other stuff, but is still productive.

If you’re in Visual Arts, a bullet journal will be an easy, effective and relaxing way to collect all of your thoughts and stay organized.

(Pinterest has some amazing bullet spreads to help with time management as well
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Fri Mar 1,2019 08:53 AM

To-Do-Lists are amazing
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Tue Mar 5,2019 08:27 AM

If you struggle with chemistry I would recommend to pick a day like Wednesday to do one hour of practice questions every week

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