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Fri May 13,2016 07:53 PM

I'm interested in what universities you have applied to or gotten in to and what you're going to read there.
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Sat May 14,2016 06:52 AM

I have an offer from Imperial College London and UCL in the UK for Computer Science but I'll probably miss the Imperial one and go to UCL
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Sat May 14,2016 03:52 PM

What was your UCL offer? If you don't mind me asking? :)
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Sun May 15,2016 08:56 AM

39 with 19 total at HL :)
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Tue May 17,2016 06:55 PM

Any good uni's for forensic science?
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Wed May 18,2016 03:51 PM

I got offers from Cardiff and bournemouth - think I'm going bournemouth in the end!
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Mon Oct 17,2016 07:06 AM

i also like forensic science and a good university for that in the US will be West Virginia...they actually are the best. :)
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Sun Nov 27,2016 09:43 AM

So far I've gotten offers from Bristol, surrey, Warwick and imperial and I'm still waiting for Cambridge
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Mon May 8,2017 06:28 AM

Does anyone know how to apply to a scholarship in a U.K. university?
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Thu Aug 24,2017 10:39 PM

@Bilkent university in Turkey
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Tue Dec 26,2017 06:42 PM

got offers from UK for king’s, st. andrews, nottingham and exeter with a 40/45 and 20 for HL. still waiting on decisions for Bath.

applied to UC davis, berkeley and LA for USA. planning to apply to loyola marymount, purdue and USC.

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