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Tue Feb 19,2019 05:30 PM

Hi! I’m getting really nervous about upcoming ib exams, and I'm wondering just how harsh the exams are graded and what the best ways are to achieve the highest marks I can. Any help is appreciated
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Tue Feb 19,2019 09:51 PM

You’re basically competing with the whole world (yes that’s how harsh they grade). Every subject has a mark scheme where the reason why you receive each point is explained.
If let’s say that a test is out of 90, but this test was hard so some of the highest points are around 80, than the boundaries for 7 would be between 80-90 points. If the test was easier, let’s say the highest points around around 88, than the boundaries for a 7 would be 85-90. Basically only the best of the best get a 7 :”)
Just do your best. Look at past exams and how they’re graded so when you do your test you have a clear idea on how you will be graded
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Wed Mar 13,2019 09:33 PM

Its all in the past papers. Especially for sciences, i wouldn’t recommend solely going off the book as the IB science books tend to contain many unnecessary details. its better if u use a study guide/revision notes to learn the basic concept which u can then apply to any scenario they give you. But past papers are the way to go, try to get as many as u can done. And mark them using mark schemes and the boundaries which are posted online for every year so u know where u stand with your grade. Hope this helps

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