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Sat Feb 16,2019 10:31 AM

I have a question and it’s not really related to IB but I need different opinions.

So I’m currently a full DP student but by next year I’m dropping full IB to IB courses due to different reasons, I’m planning to change my art subject to chemistry bcz I feel that I need to it and choosing art was a mistake.

So currently, grade 11 high school who are taking chemistry are studying chemistry II, and next year they’ll be taking chemistry III. So as I mentioned I’m planning to take chemistry next year but the problem is that I didn’t take chemistry II . Some people say that it’s going to be hard to take 3 without taking 2, but some teachers recommended to self study some chemistry II topics and I’m ready to do that. Do u think I should risk and take chemistry 3 or not?

Advise plz
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Sat Feb 16,2019 06:28 PM

If you study really hard over the break than I think you can do it. But honestly if you procrastinate through it than i don’t suggest taking chemistry as it’s going to be really hard for you and than you might even regret taking off art

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