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Fri Feb 8,2019 07:53 PM

So I’m currently at the point where I have to choose subjects for the DP and I’m not really sure what to do. My current choices are
Maths HL
Physics HL
Business&M HL
English A SL
Turkish A SL
Psychology SL

I’m not really into engineering other than industrial engineering so I want to be able turn to another major if I decide I don’t want engineering. What subjects should I choose if I want to get into a good uni in Europe, the US or Canada?
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Fri Feb 8,2019 09:50 PM

For engineering your subject choice is basically perfect but if you would suddenly change your mind that would have to depend on what other thing you want to do. Let’s say it’s chemical engineering, you would need chemistry there.
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Sat Feb 9,2019 07:05 AM

Math and physics HL is a deadly combination unless you are really good at it and you enjoy doing it. Follow your passion!! @zeyoz

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