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Thu Feb 7,2019 06:31 PM

Our school lets us decide between HL and SL for our subjects in the second year. I need to take Math HL and Physics HL for universities I want to apply to. Should i taks Chemistry HL or English A HL? is physics maths and chemistry hl together suicide?
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Thu Feb 7,2019 09:32 PM

I would personally say it’s a suicide because of the load of work you will have. However if you’re really strong in these subjects you can still manage to keep chem HL
Picking English A as HL could be a good choice because right now your focus seems to be highly on sciences and if you have a different HL subject you will seem to be a more well rounded person to unis. But if you don’t enjoy doing analysis or can’t go in-depth in these analysis (as english A is big in this aspect) than you should keep it as SL.
It’s all up to you

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