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Thu Feb 7,2019 04:56 PM

So...I’m currently in the 11th grade and our fellow classmates that are doing the full IB just started to chose their EE topics. I am not going for the full IB however I’m considering it. The only difference between my classmates (that do the full IB) and I is that I do 2 HLs + TOK. I thought to myself while I am at it why not do the full IB just because I have to do one more HL subject and the extended essay (which I think will help me gain more experience into academic writing). Thoughts?
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Thu Feb 7,2019 09:35 PM

I’m not exactly sure how not doing a full IB really feels and looks like, but if you are handling the workload VERY WELL right now, don’t mind writing an essay which will take you quite a lot of time and nerves, and have a subject which you know you can do well in HL, than I would say go for it.
If you don’t then maybe keep it the way you have it now. Also consider what unis think about it. Do they appreciate a full diploma more? If so is it worth the risk?

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