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Wed Feb 6,2019 07:56 PM

I’m freaking out. I see people in the first year of the IB that already know about their EE. And I haven’t even started my math IA.
And my classmates have a god damn calendar where their write down their mental breakdowns (not kidding). On the same wall, we have our “depression wall”, where we write all the stuff that makes us feel bad in a POST-IT because that way we create a common depressive mood. (does someone know if that is CAS Creativity??)
I really love all of them, but when we talk about all we have to do they cry, they just CRY.
I’m asking for some motivation please.
Even more, I have 2.300 words at my TOK essay and I don’t even know what is about. Yes, God hates me.
Sorry for using this site as my personal diary, but I need to know that I’m not alone. xoxo
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Thu Feb 7,2019 09:40 PM

Just try to work very hard. Life is not only about studying, so maybe instead of having a board where you write about depressed stuff, have a board where you can write about great things that are happening or that you’re planning on doing. It’s important to have a stress-relief time during the week because it helps you mentally, and also helps you get more work done after it. Instead of talking about how much you have to do with your friends, talk about good times you could have together, jokes, old stories etc. Also have more trust in yourself and feel proud for what you are, who you are, and how much you can do!
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Fri Feb 8,2019 02:50 PM

I agree with a previous answer that thinking only about the negative things is not going to help.

But here’s some of my advice: Don’t think about everything you have to do, all at once. That will easily overwhelm you. Instead, try figuring out what is the most important thing/what needs to be finished the soonest. And then start with that. Then do the next thing.
Perhaps you could tell your classmates to get it together, and then you could go to the library or a coffeshop or something, and study together?

Also, here’s some advice from my History and Form Group teacher (which he also got from some University):
Plan. Get yourself a calendar, either one on paper or on your phone. And then put in specific times that you will study and what you will study during that time. Also, don’t forget to put in free time. Because that is also important. And ”buffer time” in case something you have no control over were to happen.
He also said that when he gets home, he spends a few minutes just thinking about what he did that day, just trying to remember what we went through.
And he told us about an old IB student of his, who got a 45. He would plan his studying sessions, but he would also go out on the town and socialise. And when he was studying for History, he would make a roleplay with his friends. So creative ways to study are also good.

I hope this helps!

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