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Wed Feb 6,2019 07:05 PM

Asking this question out of curiosity; here in Sweden, we don’t have to pay anything at all within the programme (except re-marking and retakes). Anyone can literally take the IB here in Sweden no matter who they are... everyone in my class, who applied for IB got in (note: some people had really trash grades) and there was not even any competition, though those with bad grades in the beginning usually drop the IB. How much has the IB cost you?

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Wed Feb 6,2019 07:11 PM

I'm from Canada and our school has charged us 250$ for our exams. However, being in a french IB school, the school refuses to buy us study guides or manuals for our classes as they are only available in English. Therefore, I have also spent around 100$ from my pocket for study guides.
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Wed Feb 6,2019 08:30 PM

I’m in USA and in my school is 100$ for exam but the rest is free but in my Mother country (Italy) all the IB school are private and generally they cost 20000€ a year.
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Thu Feb 7,2019 01:30 PM

I’m also taking the IB in Sweden, but we have to pay for the exams and in DT we are all forced to make lamps and we will have to pay for some parts.
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Tue Mar 5,2019 07:49 AM

In Australia our school is the only IB school in our area but we pay $1000 for the year ad that includes excursions, textbooks (from the library) and the exams

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