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Wed Feb 6,2019 12:46 PM

is my school the only one making us pay 1516.49 dollars for our exam?
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Wed Feb 6,2019 02:18 PM

Every IB student is required to pay to a certain extent for their exams but it is up to the school to decide what percent of the price students must pay. For example, my school charged a 250$ fee for each student and they paid the rest. Your school is probably not contributing much to the payment of your exams which would explain why your fee is so high.
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Wed Feb 6,2019 04:16 PM

Our school pays for it
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Thu Feb 7,2019 09:43 PM

My school will make us pay for them eventually as well and i’m not sure how much it is exactly but I’m pretty sure it’s not even close to what yours is.
That is too expensive tho
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Sat Feb 9,2019 07:33 AM

yeah my school is shitty they don’t want to pay for us although we are only 14 students and we already pay tuition fees
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Fri Mar 15,2019 11:02 AM

our school pays for it, english education system though and public school so free schooling but that seems ridiculously expensive

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