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Wed Feb 6,2019 06:01 AM

So I am not too sure but this seems quite a rough approach to IAs that our teacher had done: So she gave us one week (3 x 1.5 h) of IA experimenting in the school lab. Then, the week after, we went on with our regular lessons like nothing. Also she wanted the first draft the week after doing the labs. When the first draft was in, one week later she wanted the final draft. Let me tell you that nobody felt ready at all with their IAs, and not to mention that we had other things to focus on in the meantime (IOC, TOK
essay and psychology IA - the final draft of Psych was at the same day as first draft of chem)
Everything is sent in now, but I know that my teacher yelled at a girl for not sending her IA in on time. Is this even fair?? It seems to be a bit rough honestly
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Wed Feb 6,2019 02:25 PM

I mean as always, what the teacher says usually goes. It does ssem quite unfair that your class was forced to put themselves through such a tough two weeks. Personally, I have never experienced anything quite as extreme as that since my teachers have always been a little bit flexible so we don't stress ourselves out too much. However, look at the silver lining. Universities are going to be just like this because it is highly unlikely that professors would change scheduled tasks around just for the students. This way, you already have a bit of preparation when it comes to doing a huge load of work in a limited period of time.
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Wed Feb 6,2019 04:16 PM

My teacher did the same but I guess they choose but basically no one in my class gave in their IA. We all gave it in like 2 months after their set due date
It was fustrating but very funny that the teacher acted like we didn’t have any other stuff going on

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