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Mon Jan 28,2019 02:44 PM

I chose my subjects for ib
I chose
Math hl
Physics hl
Business hl
Chem sl
English sl
Spanish ab

I wanna start studying the syllabus for physics and math during summer so I am ahead where can I find notes or any resources???

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Mon Jan 28,2019 03:42 PM

For Math HL I strongly recommend going over the Cambridge book. Physics too. I know it’s none of my business but you have a very interesting choice of subjects. What profession are you aiming at?
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Mon Jan 28,2019 04:28 PM

There is an online physics guide for HL and has some information but not a lot. I agree about the Cambridge books as those are really helpful, but HL math is hard and I think it’s just important to be aware that although content may not be extremely difficult, the IB Exam is very hard.
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Tue Jan 29,2019 04:03 AM

is it helpful if I do all the past papers and go over the Cambridge book for math and physics

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