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Thu Jan 24,2019 06:53 PM

Hello there, I wonder how can I improve my understanding and writing about poetry, especially William Blake?

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Thu Jan 24,2019 09:12 PM

Which poem of his?
If you want any general tips I suggest going line by line and really see what the poet was trying to say from that line. If he uses symbols such as an object ask yourself about things relating to that object (ex. Someone writing about life and symbolizing it by calling it a foreign road, why a foreign road, what’s unique about them, answer of which would be “foreign road is a road you don’t know very well and don’t know what to expect like life)
Look for metaphors and similes which are the most common literary devices used in a poem. Find them and again ask yourself why use that metaphor or simile, how does the use of that connect to the theme (ex. If it’s said “imagination like Big-Bang”, how is it like big-bang answer to which would be big bang was what expanded our whole universe, imagination too creates and expands many universes and it’s a theory just as amazing as big-bang)
And lastly go in his writing style, is there a specific rhyme scheme, what kind of mood, tone and musicality does it have? What does it suggest about the theme/s? (Ex. A childish type of musicality in a poem could suggest that the poet is not being very serious) If you have trouble figuring out the musicality of a poem always try to read it out loud and listen carefully to each syllable and the sound it creates. If it helps you can even tap your hand in the table or somewhere else to follow the rhythm.
If you need any more help you can ask me :)
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Sun Jan 27,2019 01:09 PM

Thank you so much, it’s so important for me and gladly to you :)

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