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Thu Jan 17,2019 10:24 PM

Hey, I am a student from Europe. Currently in my second year of high school. I am 100% sure that I am going to USA and I will be done with the SAT this year. Now, I need to plan for next year. Either I can take IB at my school or AP outside school since my school doesn’t support it. I want to be an industrial engineering, my courses are: HL Math, Physics and English B; SL Chemistry and Turkish Literature. Which one would be more beneficial for me? AP or IB
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Fri Jan 18,2019 05:20 AM

I’m obviously biased because this is an IB forum, but I recommend IB. It will be a smoother transition because you won’t have to adapt to the American school system- you and your American peers will be getting used to IB at the same rate, rather than in AP which is more similar to American schools and many students take before their third year of high school. IB is also ideal for college because of its focus on the “well-rounded student”, and colleges like to see an applicant with diverse interests.
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Sat Jan 19,2019 05:22 PM

I’m also planning on studying in the US, and I researched that doing the IB makes u stand out more than someone who did AP because AP is so common there. Meanwhile, IB is a program that not many American students do.

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