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Sun Jan 13,2019 07:58 PM

hi guys! i have a question to you. is there any way to check what my level of german is? i mean i have studied german for almost 4 years but i don’t feel very confident about it. i’m in pre-in class and my school offers both sl and ab initio (also hl but i’m not considering it) and i could possibly take ab initio but my teacher encourages me to take sl (it’s also because not many people want to take it)
also i would like to ask you: how hard is german sl?
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Sun Jan 13,2019 08:22 PM

There are two major questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Is this a subject you need to take on a relatively advanced level? Will it matter to your university applications?
2. Will this make your life easier in IB? Ab initio clearly demands less, but German B SL is also manageable.
Also try to do a simulation of the real test. P1 and P2.
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Sun Jan 13,2019 08:33 PM

thank you for your answer!
well it probably won’t matter to my uni applications at all, but it can turn out to be useful generally in life. also i know i’ll make ib harder for me if i take german sl but maybe it will pay off later
what is p1 and p2?
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Wed Jan 16,2019 06:26 PM

I would say it depends in your other subjects. I saw that you have maths and physics HL which is equivalent to further mathematics. I don’t know abiut your skills in these subjects but they’re both a lot of work. You’ll get quite a lot from other subjects as well. As you have three languages chosen already i would recommend doing ab german because you won’t struggle as much with it.
I know people from my class who have done 4 years of french and took it this year as their sl third language and they’re really struggling with it. However this choice is all up to you. German SL with 4 years of studying it is very achievable as well.
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Sun Jan 27,2019 11:33 AM

thanks a lot!

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