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Fri Jan 11,2019 05:22 PM

I am taking English A(language and literature) HL, French A (literature) HL, Biology HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, and Geography SL. From what I have heard, a group 4(science) EE is quite difficult. My main criteria for what to do at this point is whatever would be easiest. I have no idea what to do and I am having my first meeting with my supervisor/ib coordinator/idk in 11 days. I need help.
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Fri Jan 11,2019 11:16 PM

I took the same subjects as you except for french. I would recommend you to do an EE on English. It is the easiest one to do and probably you would do great. I did mine on Biology and it was pretty hard, many setbacks and the amount of time I had to wait was a lot.
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Sat Jan 12,2019 07:05 PM

I’d recommend english as well as based on algorithms that IB collects at the end of the year English is the subject that scores the best. I’m doing mine in english as well and I’m having a much easier time than my classmates. I am comparing two different novels and because i have done comparison essays before, it’s easy for me to know what kind of structure this one needs and how well it should be
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Sat Jan 12,2019 08:45 PM

Even though I take two sciences at HL I decided to take English A as my choice for extended essay. This is mainly because Languge A/B EEs tend to receive higher marks and because it’s quite straightforward. I see that you also take French A Lit. which gave me a little idea for your EE.
Take an English EE category 2 by comparing two works. One of the works must be English but the second could be in French.
Hope this helped!

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