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Fri Jan 4,2019 01:54 AM

I’m in History of the Americas HL Yr 1 and I really needed some tips on how to improve with the paper 3. So far I get 7/15 which is like an overall 5. And our teacher tells us to do more analysis, but I don’t know how because I feel that I will only get repetitive. I really want to improve my score.
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Fri Jan 4,2019 09:59 AM

I take HL history as well and I totally get what you mean. I told my teacher how I felt that I would get repetitive if I analyzed it more, but he told me that it’s okay as longs as I don’t repeat myself too often. When you repeat you stuff make sure you only say the specifics about them not the whole thing. Or maybe add in the front of your repetitive sentence “as i said before...which connects too...” to let your teacher or examiner know that you’re aware of repeating yourself.
I don’t know how I could help you more as i’m pretty much at the same level as you are and i’ve only done one paper 3 practice, but this is the suggestion I got from my teacher and I hope it helps.

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