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Mon Dec 10,2018 06:40 AM

So I’m still in the process of searching for a History IA topic and I was thinking that maybe I could choose something related to law? I think it would be great for me to get into it since i wish to study law (and it would be a good thing to include in my personal statement for my uni application)
The thing is,,, can I do that? Or the history IA has to be specifically about a historical fact? PLEASE HELP!!
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Tue Dec 11,2018 01:56 PM

You could probably do a history IA about a specific law related event. For instance if you’re from the US you could do the Brown v Board rulings or the creation of Title 9. I think as long as you can analyse the impact of the event in terms of history you’re good.
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Thu Dec 13,2018 04:13 AM

Thank you!!
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Tue Jan 7,2020 12:30 PM

If you are into the topic of human rights then you’d be able to find many events in History relating to those such as the Civil Rights movement in the US and Mandela’s ascension to power or maybe even more obscure events such as the various labor strikes promoting worker’s rights which happened across many European countries.

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