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Thu Dec 6,2018 01:14 PM

I'm struggling to choose my EE subject and I wanted to know if this one would be ok?
"How does the contrast of control in fahrenheit 451 and in the handmaid's tale change the reader's perspective on dystopian futures?"
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Fri Dec 7,2018 12:11 AM

Considering you are Language A Lit. HL, you could come up with something better and richer. But to get an average mark this would be fine.
Don’t base your full conclusion on this though. I am no English A Lit. student and I am not an expert in it.
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Sat Dec 8,2018 03:23 PM

As another student who’s doing an EE on english A I would say that it sounds like a pretty good research question but in your essay make sure you’re not judging the stories as it will deduct points.
That’s what I was told as mine is quite similar to yours

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