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Wed Dec 5,2018 03:03 PM

Hey, so I want Some opinions and advice about my Engagement Activity (IA) for Global politics.

I want to do it about the integration of refugees in the Netherlands. How it works and what it tries to achieve. On a local level, I can look at how metropolitan Amsterdam handles with refugees (integration exams, work, schooling), and on regional level, I can look at how the European Union handles the refugee crisis (are they open or closed for refugees). Globally, you can maybe look at the rise of populism, how countries are starting to close their borders.
For my engagement, I can talk to different kinds of people about their opinions on how the Dutch integration system succeeds, and fails (refugees, people who work with integrating refugees, representatives of political parties in my commune). I can also try to join a refugee class in the Netherlands to know what they're learning about.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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