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Would anyone who has taken Spanish HL as a non-native speaker please assist me with my dilemma? When I signed up for my courses I really had no idea what I was getting into. For Spanish I just told my counselor I enjoyed learning Spanish and had 3 previous years of experience so he put me in HL. In my school, I am the only student talking HL Spanish so I am in a class with SL and I am just assigned extra homework. In my class, the other students are not exactly high levels of Spanish and I would say they’re aiming for 3s or 4s. So the class has been pretty easy so far because we speak pretty much only English in class and we are just learning all the tenses (which I already know) so I was thinking that it can’t be that hard. My class last year in fact was full Spanish immersion and I have realized now my Spanish speaking has gotten considerably worse. But now, some of my friends have been telling me that when I take the final exams I am expected to be fluent and that most people that take HL are secretly native speakers so the exams are graded super hard. At the pace that we are learning in my class there is no way for me to be fluent because my teacher is teaching at a pace to suit the lower level students. I am aiming to get a 6 in HL Spanish but if anyone has any advice or thinks my goal isn’t possible could you please provide some insight. If it is truly impossible to get a 6 then I could switch into SL. Also, I am considering doing an exchange program to Ecuador that my school is offering to pay for over the summer, but I’m not sure because I live away from home and I really want to see my family. Alright well this has ended up being pretty long, I would be very thankful if anyone could respond with some insight if they have taken Spanish HL.

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