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Tue Dec 4,2018 08:58 AM

hey everyone!! I have my iop soon and honestly have no idea what to do or what to base it on. Any tips on structure or what to do ?
Thankyou ! :))

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Tue Dec 4,2018 11:29 AM

Hi there,
I just finished my iop yesterday on Macbeth! Basically I was in a group of three which meant that we had to do something that was 30-45 minutes. So we decided to do a play and a rational at the end (this part had a power point). It was like 20 minutes of play and 10 minutes of rational plus the question period.
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Tue Dec 4,2018 11:53 AM

Study the effect of time as a motif
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Wed Dec 5,2018 03:27 AM

^^ agreed. i would take some sort of reoccuring theme throughout the text (maybe you could ask your teacher for what they think the most significant ones are) and basically make a mini essay in powerpoint format. that’s what i did with great gatsby.

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