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Tue Dec 4,2018 08:58 AM

hey everyone!! I have my iop soon and honestly have no idea what to do or what to base it on. Any tips on structure or what to do ?
Thankyou ! :))

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Tue Dec 4,2018 11:29 AM

Hi there,
I just finished my iop yesterday on Macbeth! Basically I was in a group of three which meant that we had to do something that was 30-45 minutes. So we decided to do a play and a rational at the end (this part had a power point). It was like 20 minutes of play and 10 minutes of rational plus the question period.
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Tue Dec 4,2018 11:53 AM

Study the effect of time as a motif
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Wed Dec 5,2018 03:27 AM

^^ agreed. i would take some sort of reoccuring theme throughout the text (maybe you could ask your teacher for what they think the most significant ones are) and basically make a mini essay in powerpoint format. that’s what i did with great gatsby.
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Tue Jan 1,2019 08:05 PM

you could maybe play around with the concept of power? that was something my class discussed when we read it (for example, MacBeth’s desire for power, Lady MacBeth’s power over him, King Duncan’s leadership when he was in power, etc) hope this helps!!
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Wed Jan 2,2019 07:24 PM

I found a really strong theme being perception versus reality. Like the witches deception, the imaginary dagger, the belief Macbeth is unstoppable, and a few more

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