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Mon Dec 3,2018 09:39 AM

Hi okay so basically my ESS teacher is a bit of a mess and I'm terrified of her. Our first IA draft was only supposed to be an extended version of the proposal and she literally told me my investigation was a waste of time. However, we have a second draft due soon (not the final) and I haven't talked to her or done anything on my IA since then. How do I approach this? Do I talk to her and cause myself a panic attack or should I just change my subject and do something that makes sense to me and see what she says? Guys I need help. (If you're and ESS teacher or have good one, please help me)
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Tue Dec 4,2018 10:02 PM

Either approach her asking for advice on what you should do since she did tell you that your first idea wasn’t worth doing, or do something like the investigations online. There are a few good ones out there and you could even do something based on a survey like how much plastic do you waste based on income or something like that? Think simple and then apply it to a broad real life situation. All the best

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