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Sun Dec 2,2018 08:58 AM

So I only have creativity and service in my portfolio and I really don’t have time to pick up a new sport. Any suggestions?
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Sun Dec 2,2018 10:38 PM

Not even things like an after school badminton club? Keep in mind, even activities that require lots of “labor” like a cleanup of your neighborhood also counts as Action. Or things like fundraising, where you walk past houses for a charity to ask for a donation to put in your donation box you’re carrying. The great amount of walking that is required for something like that also counts as Action.

Or maybe, you could just take out the time to do an activity like ‘learning how to skateboard’; or maybe you participate in a sport outside of school (martial arts, soccer, etc.) talk to your coordinator and work out a way to get that incorporated in your CAS Worksheet.

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