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Mon Nov 26,2018 02:36 AM

Hi everyone, next year I am starting IB, and well I want to start thinking about CAS ideas. I would like to hear about your experiences and maybe recommendations in this area! Thanks!
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Mon Nov 26,2018 04:15 AM

Hi! I know these might not be the best for everyone but it’s what I’ve done: learning to knit, volunteering at the animal shelter, hiking, being on the swim team, playing violin with an orchestra, helping out the local elementary school.... things like that.
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Mon Nov 26,2018 06:15 AM

U could get certified in cpr / first aid, it’s rly easy and its only like a 4 hr thing .. plus the certificate is valid for 3/4 hrs
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Mon Nov 26,2018 06:15 AM

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Mon Nov 26,2018 11:48 AM

Learning an instrument is very meditative and is a good way to go for creativity I think
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Mon Nov 26,2018 01:58 PM

Volunteer to help with any ptc’s. literally apply for almost every position you can within the school (prefect, student council, peer mentor etc..) they all count as cas (for a long period of time too!!)
Hugh Janus
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Mon Nov 26,2018 08:55 PM

@Start a club at your school. You can become the founder and leader and when you graduate, you can pass on the leadership to another ib student and they can use the club as a CAS project. For clubs, you can do many things such as performing for events in school or your community or create an event where your club helps out specific people in need. I am the founder of my school's guitar club and we have performed for a few school events. Students who are well experienced in guitar also helps new students who don't know how to play and teach them how to play. So I would either take what jacobearthgem proposed and learn a new instrument. Once you've learned the instrument well (or mastered) you can form a club and try to share your learning experience with other people interested in a similar activity yoy do. :)
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Mon Nov 26,2018 10:12 PM

For creativity: mural, novel, an outside of school course
Action: yoga, gym, being part of school sport’s team
Service: literally help on anything
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Tue Nov 27,2018 07:21 PM

Here’s a list of ideas!
Hope it helps
-Kylie :)
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Tue Nov 27,2018 07:23 PM

The list is from @Bora
If you have any question feel free to contact either of us!!

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