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Sat Nov 24,2018 03:53 PM

Hi guys, Ibrepository is down and I need past years, I have exams soon and I really need to practice. Does anyone know where to get them? I know exammate has the topical past years but I’d prefer them by year
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Sat Nov 24,2018 04:41 PM

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Sat Nov 24,2018 10:04 PM

If you can write a gmail email address I can share a drive folder with most of them
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Sun Nov 25,2018 01:18 AM

@penelopevstella hey that’d be great my email is
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Sun Nov 25,2018 01:19 AM

@sumayyah alright! I’ll go check it out, thanks:)
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Wed Nov 28,2018 07:59 AM

@penelopiyiantsou me Too pls
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Fri Nov 30,2018 02:46 PM

I need past papers plz
Email :
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Tue Dec 4,2018 01:23 AM

Me too please
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Tue Mar 5,2019 07:57 AM

If someone did end up getting them I would appreciate it if you could send them to me as well <3

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