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Wed Nov 14,2018 04:30 PM

Anyone know if UK universities require students to take the full IB if they are international???
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Thu Nov 15,2018 12:11 AM

ofc, look at univ requirement (e.g. LSE Economics —> min IB score of 38 with 766 on the Higher Level with Mathematics HL)
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Mon Nov 19,2018 11:07 AM

There is no requirement to take the full IB, there are other programs you can go through and still get admitted in the UK as an international student. However, the full IB can put you at an advantage in some schools because of the rigour of the program.
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Sun Nov 25,2018 08:41 PM

I believe the full is worth it. You are already devoting so much time and effort the first year. You might have even risked your grades by joining the program. And to drop it the next year wouldn’t be beneficial. Also universities like to see completion. From what I’ve spoken with them, they said that they prefer these students as they recognize that it is a rigorous program. They want those kind of people in there schools.
If you believe dropping the program is right for you, go ahead do it! It’s all up to you! No one will make you continue if you aren’t happy! Remember you are what counts! :)
Hugh Janus
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Mon Nov 26,2018 08:49 PM

@If you're willing to sacrifice (roughly) 75-85% of your time to dedicate yourself to getting the diploma, then go for it! However, that's not always the case. In my school (an NYC Public School) we have many students that have a good social life while also focusing on the workload. And it mainly goes down to who you hang out with. If you hang out with good people who are talkative and nice, you will get through while also holding onto your sanity. I have gone through many episodes of crying and getting stressed, but I had those friends to support me and now we're all almost towards the end on IB and about to get our diplomas (trust me, these kids are amazing when it comes to time management and they do care about each other). So all in all, if you develop good connections with the right people (and teachers), you will get through IB well and also get the diploma. I hope this helps you out with your ultimate decision! :)

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