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Wed Nov 14,2018 01:52 PM

I go to a Catholic school that offers the IB. I was wondering if anyone else goes to an Ib school that is Catholic. I am not Catholic and I feel like they are trying to Integrin Catholicism too much in the course and aren't teaching us what we need to know.
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Wed Nov 14,2018 04:19 PM

That’s weird but they should probably still hold their title as catholic school so they might have to integrate Catholicism. Also if they’re using it as an example for different subject matters, that could be a simpler way for students to understand these topics as in a catholic school students are pretty much expected to know a lot about the religion (ig idk). They might have to integrate also because there is no dp subject on religion so they talk about it during your lessons
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Thu Nov 15,2018 06:17 AM

@I go to Catholic school but there is no such problem. We only have additional religion classes.
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Thu Nov 15,2018 08:03 AM

I graduated last year from IB at a Catholic school and there really wasn’t much problem except TOK because my TOK teacher was an extremely religious person (I mean he’s a deacon lol) despite telling us that “he’s a very open-minded person”. But yea other than that the last time I had to learn about religious stuff was when I was in grade 9
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Mon Nov 26,2018 10:42 PM

@I also go to a catholic IB school and I must say that religion is not often integrated into my courses. Like I said earlier, my school is Catholic so a lot of the students abd teachers there are too. Often, we into debates about religion and its impact on us as people in TOK for example but it has never prevented us from learning what needed to be learnt. I would suggest talking to your teachers about this problem and hopefully, they understand your point of view. If not, you should probably get yourself study guides to keep yourself up to date and informed. Hope this was helpful.

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