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Mon Nov 12,2018 03:09 AM

What good universities can I get into with a 1200 SAT and average IB grades ?
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Mon Nov 12,2018 05:41 AM

What country?
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Mon Nov 12,2018 12:02 PM

@ashleybee well, he’s referring to the SATs, so one could presume he’s talking about the U.S.
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Mon Nov 12,2018 12:51 PM

@I say just apply to many and hope for the best
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Mon Nov 19,2018 10:48 AM

Lots of good schools in the US don't actually require the SAT for IB and International students. I suggest you do a bit more research on this, but some of them are: Boston University, University of Chicago, Northeastern University, NYU, etc.

Also, please specify your IB score as the world average for IB is around 29 and that with a 1200 SAT would not suffice for the schools mentioned above, unless you have a very extraordinary portfolio of activities.

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