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Sat Nov 10,2018 01:21 PM

In the new IB syllabus, does the group 4 project have any significance towards our final grades? Coz ik in the old syllabus it didn't mean anything but my teacher said it might but I think she said that just so we don't take this project lightly.

So any answers?
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Sun Nov 11,2018 08:09 AM

I did my g4 project in March 2018. Our teachers said that the grade doesn’t effect your final IB grade (or any other grades at my school) and in group 4 subjects the exam is 80% and IA 20%, so no g4 project work is considered. However, in some schools the grade can ofc have an impact on your course grade. You should still do the lab report as well as possible since the feedback is really good for your actual IAs :)
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Mon Nov 12,2018 12:50 PM

@Okayy Thanksss.
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Sun Nov 25,2018 11:54 PM

I just finished my g4 project! From what they've told us. IB does not really care about our project as long as we do it. The teachers, on the other hand, they care, they use it for your final grade. Every school has a different division of points/percentages. I personally, would ask and find out ahead of time!
Good luck :)

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