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Thu Nov 8,2018 01:10 AM

So I’m on my first year of IB, and it’s already been 3 months into the school year. I want to switch from Physics HL to Biology HL instead. Is it too late now??? I think the Bio students have already done 2 chapters already but I would be willing to try and catch up instead of staying in Physics.
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Thu Nov 8,2018 02:26 AM

If you’re really not enjoying physics and feel like you could catch up with all the content done so far in biology then I think you should. It’s a really interesting course but requires a lot of memorisation. So be prepared for that.
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Thu Nov 8,2018 08:26 AM

@LuckyCzar17 are you considering dropping IB Physics because you’re getting low grades/challenging concepts to study? First, check which grade boundaries your teacher is using—when you take your final exams, the boundaries for IB Physics are REALLY low. It’s about 45% for a 5 and 55% for a 6. This led me to getting a higher final grade than what I kept getting during the class tests.

It might seem as if Physics is undoable during the first few months, but that’s because your studying Mechanics/Kinematics, and that’s straight up the most challenging chapter imo. Soon, you will start studying chapters such as Electricity/Thermal Physics/Waves/Energy production which are really interesting topics which you might get more points on than Kinematics in your final exams.

What @sumayyah said is pretty spot on—the first two IB Biology chapters are certainly doable.
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Wed Nov 14,2018 10:32 PM

Bio HL is hell
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Tue Nov 27,2018 12:48 PM

I'm doing Bio HL and I honestly love it. If you are willing to work a bit and catch up, and you think you might enjoy it more than Physics, do it.

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