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Thu Nov 8,2018 12:58 AM

I am currently in dp2 and I am quite worried for my business exam. My teacher is new to the IB and all he does is read from the textbook. Does anyone have any methods on how to study for business and how to get good marks? Thanks!
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Thu Nov 15,2018 12:21 AM

here you can see sample responses from candidates’ paper 1, 2, and IAs

u can learn with these samples how lower mark responses and IAs differ with those of higher marks. Hope this helps.

important part: read the syllabus guide thoroughly (marking rubrics)

cuegis: individuals and societies —> 2 different types of stakeholders (one individual eg CEO/owner and one group eg employees/consumers)

feel free to message me for additional info (i got plenty infos, im takin business sl and econ hl)

anyway business is not hard; u can always learn by urself
ur not tested on how u memorize business terms n stuffs (definition only 2 points duh); master the 10-points question responses (intro, pro arguments, con arguments, evaluation n conclusion) these long question should be at least 1 whole page long in ur answer booklet
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Thu Nov 15,2018 12:22 AM

for sample for other ib subjects, simply google search: IB (Chemistry/subject name) teacher support material)

click in links result appearing

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