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Mon Oct 22,2018 09:50 AM

I've been in the IB since July and I've been planning to change my subjects from History HL to Business HL bcos im struggling a lot in History, my grades are pretty shit and Its such a hard subject I regret choosing it lol. How hard is Business HL? Would I struggle even more or less? Revising everything taught before and being left out from the class is gonna be a pain in the ass tho once I move to business. I'm just afraid that even If i do move to business my grades are either gonna be the same as history or probably worst. Ughhhhh
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Mon Oct 22,2018 01:53 PM

I am an IB1 and have BM HL. So far I find it pretty easy since there’s not that much to memorize. The key is to be able to understand whatever the case study is and then provide a in-depth analysis. Do you need History in what you want to study?
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Tue Nov 6,2018 09:50 AM

It’s quite similar to IGCSE, and you’d find it quite easy if you did IGCSE before. However there is A LOT of content and a lot of things to remember and know off my heart, for example, applications of the business and theories. I’m on a 6 at the moment but it is because i’ve had the advantage of being an IGCSE student before. To be honest in exams, you will need to know everything in every unit and apply it to the business where it is appropriate. That is where you will get the marks. What grade are you on in history?
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Sat Nov 10,2018 01:39 PM

Personally I am not taking business but my friends who take business HL hated their life from business they say that there is a lot of case studies btw the main problem is with the teacher shes so harsh and annoying so maybe that wasnt helpful. But in ur case u may be more capable and u may have a better teacher so if u feel that u want it just go for it

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