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Mon Oct 15,2018 04:15 PM

Hey everyone, I’m starting the ibdp next year and I’m having a hard time choosing my subjects. I wanna study law and psychology after high school and I know that I need to take bio and chem HL to get into some universities’ psychology faculty. The thing is I read that chemistry HL is really hard and mostly math based, and I don’t really like neither math nor chemistry, so should I just not take chem HL and apply to universities that don’t require me to take it?

Also for law there are usually no subjects required but I heard that history and English would help. Which one do you think I should take HL? English is not my first language but I’m pretty okay at writing essays and just writing in general. I’m mostly scared about the books we’ll have to read, are they really difficult to understand? I also like history but I’m afraid I won’t like some topics and that it’s gonna be too hard. Any advices?
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Mon Oct 15,2018 06:04 PM

Honestly , the math in chem isn’t too complex; based ratios and what not.tbh U should be ok with it if u rly like it.
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Mon Oct 15,2018 07:42 PM

For psychology you’ll need chemistry and psychology at HL. I’m not quite sure about biology but it’s not usually a requirement at a lot of universities. However maybe take it at sl? As for law, you should take essay based subjects. Take psychology instead of history either way as it is essay based. As for chemistry, it isn’t too hard. As long as you can remember calculations then you’ll be fine
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Tue Oct 16,2018 07:38 AM

@sumayyah thank you so much for the advice, the thing is my school doesn’t offer psychology which is why I have to take bio instead
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Fri Oct 19,2018 08:39 PM

i dont think u rlly need chem (even at its sl) if u need chem take it at SL (idk for top uni cases).. chem sl not require much calculation and tbh im takin it its so easy (idk for HL)

histo HL bio HL psycho HL
math sl languages sl maybe just appropriate

BUT triple HLs at all memorizing subjects will make ur ass crazy at IB
law n psycho are just hard majors imo
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Sun Oct 21,2018 04:00 PM

@phillipharmadi universities like UCL generally require you to take Chemistry HL and universities in general usually only give credits for HL subjects, so I don’t think taking chemistry SL would help. Also I can’t take psychology because my school doesn’t offer it so I think I’ll take French B HL instead, but thanks for the heads up about the all memorizing subjects
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Thu Nov 8,2018 06:51 AM

I am taking SL chem right now but since my school has such a small amount of students taking chem, HL and SL are in the same class and it is not that bad, you just have to review after every class and don’t think too hard and it won’t be that bad. I’m taking HL Biology as well and they correlate pretty well I think you should be fine with chem but if you have the option you should take HL bio SL chem and AP psych; that’s what some of my “law” focused friends are doing.
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Sun Nov 11,2018 07:43 PM

Hey, I think that universities don’t really care if you don’t take psychology because if your school doesn’t offer it it isn’t your fault, but take English A HL and history SL trust me history is a lot
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Wed Nov 14,2018 03:24 PM

@alejandroiglesias @sy okay thank you so much guys

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