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Sat Oct 13,2018 09:22 AM

I am currently talking math sl but I’m finding it really difficult and feel as though I’d get better grades if I dropped to studies. Would universities prefer a level 4 in SL than a 7 in studies?? I want to go into medicine at uni in the UK. Will math studies be recognised there and will taking the subject affect me in anyway when applying? My other subjects are chem bio and psych at HL
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Sat Oct 13,2018 09:29 AM

Honestly, I’ve looked into universities in UK and Canada (but for pharmaceuticals) and none of the unis I looked into accept math studies. The requirements for pharmaceuticals is chemistry, +another science, math (at least 2 at hl)
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Sat Oct 13,2018 11:57 AM

I think you should try your best in math sl if you want to get into medicine
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Sat Oct 13,2018 02:00 PM

As the others mentioned, if you’re planning on studying medicine in university then Math SL really is the minimum requirement.
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Sun Oct 14,2018 06:58 AM

From the subjects you are taking, it seems that you are preparing yourself for a course in Health/Science. As a result of this, it is important to remember the level of competition faced in these areas of higher learning and as a result, taking Math Studies may impact your chances into entering such a competitive course. I would recommend sticking to Math SL, perhaps hiring a personal tutor if you feel as though you require it.

Best of luck!

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