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Thu Oct 11,2018 02:47 PM

Hi!!! My class has to do a creative writing task and my topic is how there is a demeaning message from Disney princesses about the role of woman. Does anyone have ideas?!!

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Fri Oct 12,2018 02:25 PM

Body type, the need to find a man to be happy
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Wed Nov 7,2018 03:21 AM

There is a really interesting set of Hermes ads that have a Disney process theme
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Mon Nov 26,2018 11:39 AM

You could always write about the body expectations of women and how that might have affected young girls who grew up watching Disney movies. Moreover, you could always write about the fact that these princesses always relied on men to save their day and complete their lives or how settling down and getting married was their only “happily ever after”.

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