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Tue Oct 9,2018 06:55 PM

I have to register my EE topic in 10 days and I have no idea what I could possibly do it about. I’m taking German A, math, English B, physics, econ & geography though I’d prefer to do it in one of the last 3 subjects listed. I had a good idea but it’s too historical to be relevant so now I’m clueless :) Any suggestions are very welcome
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Tue Oct 9,2018 09:06 PM

Do you need to register your subject or topic?
If subject - Econ is always a good way to go as there is soooo much you can write about.
I think physics is one of the more time consuming ones.
I have no idea about Geo.
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Tue Oct 9,2018 11:10 PM

Someone online wouldn’t necessarily be the best person to tell you what subject to do since it’s based on your own interests. The only advice I’d give for you for at least choosing it is:
1. Look at the average score marks for each subject. Some subjects are graded harder/ more subjectively and some are undeniably harder than others.
2. Really assess which subject you’re interested in. I can’t tell you enough how painful it’ll be writing about something you don’t like just because someone online told you to.
3. Think of a topic first and then a subject that can apply if you can’t decide on a subject first.
4. Assess what advisor you’d be getting see if you work well with them. I put this one last because honestly some teachers can work with you a lot differently than your own judgements (my own advisor was actually a lot more helpful than I thought they would be and I know a few people who picked their favorite teachers and got minimal help).
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Wed Oct 10,2018 01:18 PM

@sage.lemay i have to choose the topic, but thank you anyways for your help
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Wed Oct 10,2018 01:21 PM

@uhm.sarahh i know asking online isnt the best way to go, but I’ve had some ideas yet all the teachers i went to said it’s either too broad, too old or that it has to be on a more local level. I’m just really running out of options as i still need to find a teacher that is willing to supervise me on top of that. But thank you a lot for your tips and help, i really appreciate it :)
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Fri Oct 12,2018 07:36 PM

I did mine in Geography, but you should do it based on your preference. For me I found the primary information is quite easy to obtain most of the time. However the grading is the harshest in group 3 EEs. I would do something that is relevant to your area. E.g assessing the effect of tourism or the environmental sustainability.

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