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Tue Oct 9,2018 04:30 PM

Would it be risky to write my Lit EE on a book I haven’t read before?

Like I’d read it eventually but for now as a preference, is it okay? I wanted to do it on a book called Beauty is a Wound because pErsOnaL rEleVanCe ya know and from the reviews I’ve read, it sounds wiLd.

Like it’s got similar themes to this book we’re reading in class so I could actually understand and write stuff about it, so should I give it a shot?
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Tue Oct 9,2018 04:57 PM

There are loads of people who have done their EE on a book and only read it after they made their research question so I think you’ll be good
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Tue Oct 9,2018 09:04 PM

I think that’s super cool.
However, before you get really set on a topic, maybe just start reading to book?
It would suck to turn in a research question and realize you aren’t interested in the book at all.
Always make sure you REALLY want to do/will have fun with the topic you choose. Otherwise : worse 40 hrs of ur life
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Tue Oct 9,2018 11:06 PM

That’s how I did it, I chose my topic and then my books. Since mine was comparative and I had already read one, I wasn’t completely new to the analysis but it’s definitely not a difficult thing that I’d say would turn you away from writing about it.

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