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Tue May 10,2016 05:55 AM

Our experiment verified our null hypothesis. Is that too risky?!??? Please help urgently!
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Tue May 10,2016 07:20 AM

was this an expirement you devised yoruself? if so, it shouldn't be a problem as you investigating a relationiship with two variables. if this however is a known relationship and there should be association, it is best to redo the experiment.
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Tue May 10,2016 09:03 AM

No thats alright, you can now discuss how to improve your study if you were to redo it. Most psychology experiments verify the null hypothesis
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Thu May 12,2016 04:58 PM

It was a modification of a famous research, which is why I'm anxious. Anyway thanks
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Mon Jun 6,2016 08:17 PM

It should be fine as long as you talk about reasons that it happened this way in your discussion. All they care about is if you did the experiment correctly, you can't know for certain how participants will react
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Thu Sep 7,2017 04:01 PM

That's ok. It's the discussion and how you justify this that will reward marks. My teacher showed us loads of experiment that "failed" but sill got 6/7 because of how they justified his.

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