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Mon Oct 1,2018 02:49 PM

Hey guys,

Is it normal to get Low grades at the start of your first year of IB when you start doing your summative assessments and everything?
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Mon Oct 1,2018 03:23 PM

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Mon Oct 1,2018 03:24 PM

On one of the quizzes we did in physics this week, the class average was about 9/21
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Wed Oct 3,2018 05:04 AM

Yes!! I’m near the end of year 1 atm, and everyone’s grades aren’t that great. In my HL Chem class only a few people “passed” and everyone in my maths SL class is still struggling (but slowly improving). So don’t stress about it but studying will give you more confidence and slowly help build them up!
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Thu Oct 4,2018 03:09 AM

My first written asigment for Spanish HL was 5/30
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Mon Oct 8,2018 05:50 PM

Haha yes being bad at the beginning is the IB way so you can show your growth haha no but jokes aside it’s normal. I failed my first two french quizzes and it was a hard to take but it’s a good wake up call

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