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Sun Sep 30,2018 11:00 AM

My school had decided to give us a final deadline for Monday 1st October for our EEs! A lot of us haven't even had proper first draft feedback!

Is this against IB regulation? I know most schools second years are just starting their EE's ? How unfair is this!!

Any advice?

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Sun Sep 30,2018 01:48 PM

The IB is unaffiliated with the procedures and deadlines given for the EE by your school. They only need a complete, 4,000 word essay handed in through IBIS usually by February/March that they can grade and are not responsible for your school failing to have provided proper feedback on your first drafts. Every school has their own EE first draft/feedback/final draft deadlines that they deem fit. Some schools even require to have your final version ready by the end of summer vacation.

To resolve this issue, you and your peers have to email/talk to your DP Coordinator.
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Mon Oct 1,2018 07:35 PM

Yeah no IB doesn’t need it by then. Maybe try talking w ur coordinator to be like I need more time?
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Mon Oct 1,2018 07:36 PM

It’s due by February officially but December’s when my school wants it by

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