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Sat Sep 29,2018 01:36 PM

Are you put at a great disadvantage if you take a gap year before starting uni? I intent do apply to ivy league, Oxford and imperial and am predicted 45. During the gap year I'd just learn and do all the things I've always wanted to do but not had time for, including some things that would be relevant for my future degree.

Does anyone know?
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Sat Sep 29,2018 02:14 PM

I’m not so sure, but I can tell u that my sister took a gap year after the first year in uni, and it didn’t put her at that great of a disadvantage.
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Sat Sep 29,2018 08:23 PM

na doing a gap year is great, tho some places dont like them cos they cant cope with it, many places rly like to see their students actually doing stuff
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Tue Nov 6,2018 09:55 AM

There is no disadvantages in taking a gap year. All of my siblings have taken a gap year and they are all now studying in top universities of the UK and USA. You can take this time to build your profile by doing internships or working in places that really shows what you’re passionate in. All of my siblings chose to do community service, they did over 600 hours in total and universities really love that.

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